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    Blue Mosque

    Blue-coloured Spectacle 

    Discover the splendour of Ottoman architecture at Sultanahmet Camii, situated in an architectural relationship with the Ayasofya Grand Mosque. 

    With its six minarets that still dominate İstanbul’s skyline and a series of elegant domes, is better known as the “Blue Mosque” because of its rich blue ceiling tiles in the İznik tradition that decorate the interior. Inside, the entrance, lit by a wrought-iron chandelier, leads into the central prayer room, which is a source of wonder with its intricate interiors decorated with thousands of tiles and natural light filtered through arched stained-glass windows. In the shrine next to the mosque are the tombs of Ahmet I and his wife Kösem Sultan.  

    The Blue Mosque is one of İstanbul’s main attractions and offers the chance to see an active place of worship. Stroll through the airy courtyard and soak up the atmosphere inside the mosque with its huge, curved domes, it is a must-see for history and architecture lovers. 

    Serene at all times, but it is at its most magical when it is lit up at night and its minarets are circled by eager seagulls.