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    Worth The Climb 

    If you are looking for an indulgent view of the Bosphorus Strait and the hive of life on the European side of the city a walk up and along Çamlıca Hill Park is unmissable.  

    A hilltop hideaway, and an integral part of the Anatolian landscape, Çamlıca Hill offers unsurpassed views of the surrounding city. This large green space is a popular picnic spot for city locals who want to hide among the trees. Those forgetting their picnic at home can also visit one of the cafés situated on the hilltop. 

    The Çamlıca skyline has changed the most in recent years, and one might not anticipate a radio and tv broadcasting tower to be on their hot to-do list when checking out the sights. But this is no ordinary tower. A rising monolith of elegant curves, Çamlıca Tower, is an unrivalled illuminated spectacle at night featuring 360-degree observation towers with unparalleled panoramic scenery. 

    The viewing platform consists of a rising form with flat surfaces that open up the view of the Bosphorus Strait towards the top. You also have the chance to savour your taste buds from the café and restaurant available on the observation deck. 

    Once the view sinks in, you realise you are on the top of the world, at the highest natural point in İstanbul.