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    Culinary Adventures in İstanbul

    They say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. And what better way to get to know the diverse and multicultural Turkish cuisine than through the tour de force in İstanbul, a taste of two continents.

    İstanbul's vibrant food culture offers a rich variety of flavours and with almost a restaurant on every corner, you are definitely spoilt for choice.

    From the myriad sights on the streets of İstanbul, the appetising appearance of the different foods, the evocative of smells along the way, the different textures you can touch and eat, to the sound of the crunch and the hustle and bustle of the crowds, all your senses will be put to the test.

    Taste In İstanbul is the New Cool

    If your palate craves the unusual or you want to challenge your taste buds with a variety of dishes, İstanbul is rich in contemporary classic and modern blends of Turkish cuisine infused with other Mediterranean and international delicacies.

    İstanbul's leading fine-dining restaurants in the upscale Ulus district offer a varied menu of seasonal Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, as well as steaks and sushi. The views of the Bosphorus from the rooftops and terraces, the skyline silhouette, and the illuminated Bosphorus Bridge make this one of the best places for an evening of entertainment in the city.

    Tucked away west of the Galata end of İstiklal Caddesi, hip restaurants surrounded by contemporary art galleries serve Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in the form of meze dishes but blending fusion of the traditional with a modern twist, featuring refined dishes and a cool ambience.

    Keep your eyes peeled, because behind the outer facades of old institutions in Galata and Beyoğlu, and even in the apartment floors of Yeniköy, not far from the waterfront, are many wonderful eateries where you will be surprised to find simplicity and cosy gastro pubs serving seasonal menus, excellent coffee, and beer - fantastic places to eat casually and relax.

    Next, and probably most notable, are some of the award-winning fusion cuisines in the high-profile and rooftop spots of Beyoğlu, few have achieved the highest status and are featured in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list. The culinary excellence here is inspired by the philosophy of "new Anatolian cuisine", which combines traditional produce, culture, and techniques with a modern perspective.

    On the other hand, northern İstanbul has some remarkable eateries that offer a dynamic variety for fans of meat dishes, such as ribs and rack of lamb or poutine with beetroot kimchi. Here in the north, anything goes.

    If your taste buds want to reach the furthest point of fusion, the Etiler district will certainly not disappoint. Highlights include Peruvian-Asian fusion cuisine with occasional hints of the Turkish tradition. Etiler is the place to be seen with İstanbul's cool crowd. Expect impressive interiors with high ceilings and quasi-international flair.

    But for the ultimate mix of international fusion, the options in Suadiye and Caddebostan are limitless. Imagine all the flavours of the world being within walking distance of each other? Then get a glimpse of how easily İstanbul is the leading city of cool and cosmopolitan cuisine!

    As we say in Turkish: "Afiyet Olsun".